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@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ HTML? Or both? Let's just recrawl.
- `ingest_type`: required, one of `pdf`, `xml`, `html`, `dataset`. For
backwards compatibility, `file` should be interpreted as `pdf`. `pdf` and
- `xml` return file ingest respose; `html` and `dataset` not implemented but
+ `xml` return file ingest response; `html` and `dataset` not implemented but
would be webcapture (wayback) and fileset (archive.org item or wayback?).
In the future: `epub`, `video`, `git`, etc.
- `base_url`: required, where to start crawl process
@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ and hacks to crawl publicly available papers. Related existing work includes
[unpaywall's crawler][unpaywall_crawl], LOCKSS extraction code, dissem.in's
efforts, zotero's bibliography extractor, etc. The "memento tracer" work is
also similar. Many of these are even in python! It would be great to reduce
-duplicated work and maintenance. An analagous system in the wild is youtube-dl
+duplicated work and maintenance. An analogous system in the wild is youtube-dl
for downloading video from many sources.
[unpaywall_crawl]: https://github.com/ourresearch/oadoi/blob/master/webpage.py