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This repo contains back-end python workers, scripts, hadoop jobs, luigi tasks, and other scripts and code for the Internet Archive web group's journal ingest pipeline. This code is of mixed quality and is mostly experimental. The goal for most of this is to submit metadata to fatcat, which is the more stable, maintained, and public-facing service.

Code in this repository is potentially public! Not intended to accept public contributions for the most part. Much of this will not work outside the IA cluster environment.

Archive-specific deployment/production guides and ansible scripts at: journal-infra

Repository Layout

./proposals/ design documentation and change proposals

./python/ contains scripts and utilities for ingesting content from wayback and/or the web (via save-page-now API), and other processing pipelines

./sql/ contains schema, queries, and backfill scripts for a Postgres SQL database index (eg, file metadata, CDX, and GROBID status tables).

./pig/ contains a handful of Pig scripts, as well as some unittests implemented in python. Only rarely used.

./scalding/ contains Hadoop jobs written in Scala using the Scalding framework. The intent is to write new non-trivial Hadoop jobs in Scala, which brings type safety and compiled performance. Mostly DEPRECATED.

./python_hadoop/ contains Hadoop streaming jobs written in python using the mrjob library. Mostly DEPRECATED.

Running Python Code

You need python3.8 (or python3.6+ and pyenv) and pipenv to set up the environment. You may also need the debian packages libpq-dev and python-dev` to install some dependencies.

Running Hadoop Jobs (DEPRECATED)

The ./please python3 wrapper script is a helper for running jobs (python or scalding) on the IA Hadoop cluster. You'll need to run the setup/dependency tasks first; see README files in subdirectories.