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@@ -31,6 +31,10 @@ Top mimetypes:
SELECT mimetype, COUNT(*) FROM file_meta GROUP BY mimetype ORDER BY COUNT DESC LIMIT 10;
+Missing full metadata:
+ SELECT COUNT(*) FROM file_meta WHERE sha256hex IS NULL;
## CDX
Total and unique-by-sha1 counts:
@@ -97,3 +101,14 @@ Ingest result by status:
SELECT ingest_type, status, COUNT(*) FROM ingest_file_result GROUP BY ingest_type, status ORDER BY COUNT DESC LIMIT 25;
+## Fatcat Files
+Count of PDF files that GROBID processed and matched to a release (via
+glutton), but no PDF in `fatcat_file`:
+ SELECT COUNT(*) as total_count, COUNT(DISTINCT grobid.fatcat_release) as release_count
+ FROM grobid
+ LEFT JOIN fatcat_file ON grobid.sha1hex = fatcat_file.sha1hex
+ WHERE fatcat_file.sha1hex IS NULL
+ AND grobid.fatcat_release IS NOT NULL;