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XML ingest proposal
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+status: wip
+x XML fulltext URL extractor (based on HTML biblio metadata, not PDF url extractor)
+x differential JATS XML and scielo XML from generic XML?
+ application/xml+jats is what fatcat is doing for abstracts
+ but it should be application/jats+xml?
+ application/tei+xml
+ if startswith "<article " and "<article-meta>" => JATS
+x refactor ingest worker to be more general
+x have ingest code publish body to kafka topic
+/ create/configure kafka topic
+/ write a persist worker
+- test everything locally
+- fatcat: ingest tool to create requests
+- fatcat: entity updates worker creates XML ingest requests for specific sources
+- fatcat: ingest file import worker allows XML results
+- ansible: deployment of persist worker
+XML Fulltext Ingest
+This document details changes to include XML fulltext ingest in the same way
+that we currently ingest PDF fulltext.
+Currently this will just fetch the single XML document, which is often lacking
+figures, tables, and other required files.
+## Ingest Worker
+Could either re-use HTML metadata extractor to fetch XML fulltext links, or
+fork that code off to a separate method, like the PDF fulltext URL extractor.
+Hopefully can re-use almost all of the PDF pipeline code, by making that ingest
+worker class more generic and subclassing it.
+Result objects are treated the same as PDF ingest results: the result object
+has context about status, and if successful, file metadata and CDX row of the
+terminal object.
+TODO: should it be assumed that XML fulltext will end up in S3 bucket? or
+should there be an `xml_meta` SQL table tracking this, like we have for PDFs
+and HTML?
+TODO: should we detect and specify the XML schema better? Eg, indicate if JATS.
+## Persist Pipeline
+### Kafka Topic
+ similar to other fulltext topics; JSON wrapping the XML
+ key compaction, content compression
+### S3/SeaweedFS
+`sandcrawler` bucket, `xml` folder. Extension could depend on sub-type of XML?
+### Persist Worker
+New S3-only worker that pulls from kafka topic and pushes to S3. Works
+basically the same as PDF persist in S3-only mode, or like pdf-text worker.