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- `release_stage`: optional. indicates the release stage of fulltext expected to be found at this URL
- `rel`: optional. indicates the link type
- `oa_status`: optional. unpaywall schema
+ - `edit_extra`: additional metadata to be included in any eventual fatcat commits.
- `fatcat`
- `release_ident`: optional. if provided, indicates that ingest is expected
to be fulltext copy of this release (though may be a sibling release
under same work if `release_stage` doesn't match)
- `work_ident`: optional, unused. might eventually be used if, eg,
`release_stage` of ingested file doesn't match that of the `release_ident`
- - `edit_extra`: additional metadata to be included in any eventual fatcat
- commits.
- `ext_ids`: matching fatcat schema. used for later lookups. sometimes
`link_source` and id are sufficient.
- `doi`