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include rel and oa_status in ingest request 'extra'
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@@ -97,6 +97,8 @@ HTML? Or both? Let's just recrawl.
user who submitted request. eg, `fatcat-changelog`, `editor_<ident>`,
- `release_stage`: optional. indicates the release stage of fulltext expected to be found at this URL
+ - `rel`: optional. indicates the link type
+ - `oa_status`: optional. unpaywall schema
- `fatcat`
- `release_ident`: optional. if provided, indicates that ingest is expected
to be fulltext copy of this release (though may be a sibling release
@@ -186,6 +188,8 @@ Proposing two tables:
-- ext_ids (source/source_id sometimes enough)
-- release_ident (if ext_ids and source/source_id not specific enough; eg SPN)
-- edit_extra
+ -- rel
+ -- oa_status
-- ingest_request_source TEXT NOT NULL CHECK (octet_length(ingest_request_source) >= 1),
PRIMARY KEY (ingest_type, base_url, link_source, link_source_id)