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Update datpaper msg names in hypercore proto (#70) (#71)
I updated the obvious things that where outdated in dat-paper.md But I can't judge whether the texts itself are still fully accurate.
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@@ -690,15 +690,15 @@ The `header` value is a single varint that has two pieces of information, the in
To generate this varint, you bitshift the 4-bit type integer onto the end of the channel identifier, e.g. `channel << 4 | <4-bit-type>`.
-### Register
+### Feed
-Type 0, should be the first message sent on a channel.
+Type 0. Should be the first message sent on a channel.
- `discoveryKey` - A BLAKE2b keyed hash of the string 'hypercore' using the public key of the metadata register as the key.
- `nonce` - 32 bytes of random binary data, used in our encryption scheme
-message Register {
+message Feed {
required bytes discoveryKey = 1;
optional bytes nonce = 2;
@@ -706,26 +706,30 @@ message Register {
### Handshake
-Type 1. Overall connection handshake. Should be sent just after the register message on the first channel only (metadata).
+Type 1. Overall connection handshake. Should be sent just after the feed message on the first channel only (metadata).
- `id` - 32 byte random data used as a identifier for this peer on the network, useful for checking if you are connected to yourself or another peer more than once
- `live` - Whether or not you want to operate in live (continuous) replication mode or end after the initial sync
+- `userData` - User-specific metadata encoded as a byte sequence
+- `extensions` - List of extensions that are supported on this Feed
message Handshake {
optional bytes id = 1;
optional bool live = 2;
+ optional bytes userData = 3;
+ repeated string extensions = 4;
-### Status
+### Info
Type 2. Message indicating state changes. Used to indicate whether you are uploading and/or downloading.
Initial state for uploading/downloading is true. If both ends are not downloading and not live it is safe to consider the stream ended.
-message Status {
+message Info {
optional bool uploading = 1;
optional bool downloading = 2;