Dat Project Documentation

Repository for the documentation of the Dat Project ecosystem. View the docs at docs.datproject.org.

#dat IRC channel on freenode datproject/discussions docs

Writing & Editing Docs

See docs folder for information on editing and adding docs. Once you finish editing the docs, send a PR to the master branch to get the edits automatically deployed.

Creating + Generating Paper from Markdown

See this gist for more information on how the paper is created with a basic example.

To generate the paper again, make sure you have pandoc and pandoc-citeproc:

brew install pandoc pandoc-citeproc

Then run the build script in papers


This documentation uses minidocs for layout, ecosystem-docs to get documentation from other modules, and ideas from pull-stream-docs for auto travis deployment.


This repository uses netlify for deployment. Deployment will happen automatically.

It works this way:

  • Git webhook tells netlify there is new content
  • netlify pulls latest repo
  • netlify automatically runs npm install
  • netlify runs the build script sh scripts/netlify.sh, which:
  • sets git config so we can use ecosystem-docs and pull latests readme files
  • runs npm run netlify which updates remote repos and builds.
  • deploys /dist to the web

Viewing Docs Locally

  1. Clone Repository
  2. npm install
  3. npm run update to update external modules
  4. npm run build:local to build the docs for local viewing
  5. npm run start to view the docs in browser

Ecosystem-docs Modules

Ecosystem-docs downloads readme files from the following modules to docs/modules/. Add another module to the documentation by adding the module below and updating contents.json: "dat-node": "modules/dat-node.md". The 📔 makes it easier to parse (see package.json).