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-Jason <u-boot@lakedaemon.net> says:
- Sort of. The openocd config for the sheevaplug/guruplug is what I use,
- and is distributed on the dreamplug download page [1]. It does _not_
- have support for the SPI flash. You can also use the sheevaplug.cfg
- shipped with openocd. So, I use openocd or tftp to transfer to RAM,
- then use u-boot to write to flash.
- To test images, or to reflash, I load the known-good u-boot into RAM via
- openocd, then I'll either reflash it or load a new testing one from
- there.
- To write a u-boot.kwb test image to flash, here is what I do:
- openocd$ sheevaplug_init
- openocd$ load_image u-boot # known good from Marvell
- openocd$ load_image u-boot.kwb 0x00800000 # monster I created
- openocd$ resume 0x00600000 # run the known good
- then, in u-boot
- u-boot$ sf probe 0
- u-boot$ sf erase 0x0 0x100000
- u-boot$ sf write 0x00800000 0x0 0x100000
- If time allows, I'd like to add SPI flash support to OpenOCD.
- Unfortunately, time is short and the above process works.