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Grand rename for gitit transfer
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-rw-r--r--tmp/Teaching (renamed from tmp/Teaching CS)0
-rw-r--r--tmp/Topics of (renamed from tmp/Topics of Curiosity)0
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diff --git a/tmp/Newcomb paradox b/tmp/Newcomb
index c7da22b..c7da22b 100644
--- a/tmp/Newcomb paradox
+++ b/tmp/Newcomb
diff --git a/tmp/SCUBA b/tmp/
index 84d1345..84d1345 100644
--- a/tmp/SCUBA
+++ b/tmp/
diff --git a/tmp/Saccade b/tmp/
index 85693c6..85693c6 100644
--- a/tmp/Saccade
+++ b/tmp/
diff --git a/tmp/Teaching CS b/tmp/Teaching
index 2c21cc4..2c21cc4 100644
--- a/tmp/Teaching CS
+++ b/tmp/Teaching
diff --git a/tmp/Topics of Curiosity b/tmp/Topics of
index 6ef2976..6ef2976 100644
--- a/tmp/Topics of Curiosity
+++ b/tmp/Topics of
diff --git a/tmp/artists b/tmp/
index a7b9751..a7b9751 100644
--- a/tmp/artists
+++ b/tmp/
diff --git a/tmp/sql b/tmp/
index 4936bc9..4936bc9 100644
--- a/tmp/sql
+++ b/tmp/