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* rust: finish implementing typechecksbnewbold2016-04-251-7/+26
* rust: cleanup unused lifetime specifiersbnewbold2016-04-251-17/+17
* rust: refactor apply_action to accomodate define and set!bnewbold2016-04-251-23/+61
* rust: make identifiers applicablebnewbold2016-04-251-1/+6
* rust: actually pull identifiers from envbnewbold2016-04-251-6/+2
* rust: fix bug with symbol vs. identifier reprbnewbold2016-04-251-1/+1
* rust: refactor Result Err to String; implement dynamic errorsbnewbold2016-04-251-41/+47
* rust: big refactor of SchemeExpr; add env (partial)bnewbold2016-04-251-58/+83
* rust: cleanups; parse returns a vecbnewbold2016-04-221-38/+107
* rust: fix symbols by adding identifiers, and handle commentsbnewbold2016-04-211-6/+27
* rust: rename to spectrumbnewbold2016-04-211-0/+479