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diff --git a/Ethernet b/
index 6240871..6240871 100644
--- a/Ethernet
+++ b/
diff --git a/Git Wiki b/Git
index 2c33c55..2c33c55 100644
--- a/Git Wiki
+++ b/Git
diff --git a/MIT Courses b/MIT
index 4c70d7f..4c70d7f 100644
--- a/MIT Courses
+++ b/MIT
diff --git a/Test of Features b/Test of
index 81c1662..81c1662 100644
--- a/Test of Features
+++ b/Test of
diff --git a/books/Genealogy of Morality b/books/Genealogy of
index 65f0357..65f0357 100644
--- a/books/Genealogy of Morality
+++ b/books/Genealogy of
diff --git a/books/Gravity's Rainbow b/books/Gravity's
index 3dcddac..3dcddac 100644
--- a/books/Gravity's Rainbow
+++ b/books/Gravity's
diff --git a/books/Little Schemer b/books/Little
index 394de5b..394de5b 100644
--- a/books/Little Schemer
+++ b/books/Little
diff --git a/books/Seasoned Schemer b/books/Seasoned
index 0bc6346..0bc6346 100644
--- a/books/Seasoned Schemer
+++ b/books/Seasoned
diff --git a/books/wanted books b/books/wanted
index 6c29a2e..6c29a2e 100644
--- a/books/wanted books
+++ b/books/wanted
diff --git a/film/French Classics b/film/French
index a2eecaa..a2eecaa 100644
--- a/film/French Classics
+++ b/film/French
diff --git a/film/Good Movies b/film/Good
index 3e6c792..3e6c792 100644
--- a/film/Good Movies
+++ b/film/Good
diff --git a/film/To Watch b/film/To
index 59983cd..59983cd 100644
--- a/film/To Watch
+++ b/film/To
diff --git a/math/algebra b/math/
index 3e39ddb..3e39ddb 100644
--- a/math/algebra
+++ b/math/
diff --git a/math/integers b/math/
index b946ce8..b946ce8 100644
--- a/math/integers
+++ b/math/
diff --git a/math/logic b/math/
index 65ceba9..65ceba9 100644
--- a/math/logic
+++ b/math/
diff --git a/math/numbers b/math/
index 541d174..541d174 100644
--- a/math/numbers
+++ b/math/
diff --git a/math/sets b/math/
index 42eb831..42eb831 100644
--- a/math/sets
+++ b/math/
diff --git a/math/tensors b/math/
index d46810e..d46810e 100644
--- a/math/tensors
+++ b/math/
diff --git a/math/topology b/math/
index 6f03eee..6f03eee 100644
--- a/math/topology
+++ b/math/
diff --git a/physics/LIGO b/physics/
index ce682b4..ce682b4 100644
--- a/physics/LIGO
+++ b/physics/
diff --git a/physics/general relativity b/physics/general
index 7fc29eb..7fc29eb 100644
--- a/physics/general relativity
+++ b/physics/general
diff --git a/physics/gravitational waves b/physics/gravitational
index 5aa1744..5aa1744 100644
--- a/physics/gravitational waves
+++ b/physics/gravitational
diff --git a/physics/quantum/fermigas b/physics/quantum/
index 0114b43..0114b43 100644
--- a/physics/quantum/fermigas
+++ b/physics/quantum/
diff --git a/physics/special relativity b/physics/special
index 37fd3e9..37fd3e9 100644
--- a/physics/special relativity
+++ b/physics/special
diff --git a/physics/units b/physics/
index b1968f4..b1968f4 100644
--- a/physics/units
+++ b/physics/
diff --git a/reStructured Text b/reStructured
index c624ded..c624ded 100644
--- a/reStructured Text
+++ b/reStructured
diff --git a/sheets/rst b/sheets/
index 4714fe3..4714fe3 100644
--- a/sheets/rst
+++ b/sheets/
diff --git a/software/MOSS b/software/
index 4de6d23..4de6d23 100644
--- a/software/MOSS
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/bash b/software/
index e3402fb..e3402fb 100644
--- a/software/bash
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/debian b/software/
index d7a047b..d7a047b 100644
--- a/software/debian
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/firefox-tricks b/software/
index 7eae670..7eae670 100644
--- a/software/firefox-tricks
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/freebsd-packages b/software/
index c58bea4..c58bea4 100644
--- a/software/freebsd-packages
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/freebsd-tricks b/software/
index bd36ff1..bd36ff1 100644
--- a/software/freebsd-tricks
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/functional programming b/software/functional
index 4720280..4720280 100644
--- a/software/functional programming
+++ b/software/functional
diff --git a/software/gimp b/software/
index 97d7393..97d7393 100644
--- a/software/gimp
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/git b/software/
index cd0da69..cd0da69 100644
--- a/software/git
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/grub-boot b/software/
index 76c4f7b..76c4f7b 100644
--- a/software/grub-boot
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/matlab b/software/
index 20e7110..20e7110 100644
--- a/software/matlab
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/pynsfs b/software/
index 08b726d..08b726d 100644
--- a/software/pynsfs
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/ruby b/software/
index e64f73e..e64f73e 100644
--- a/software/ruby
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/sagemath b/software/
index f01883f..f01883f 100644
--- a/software/sagemath
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/scheme b/software/
index dda68f1..dda68f1 100644
--- a/software/scheme
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/server-setup b/software/
index 58b419b..58b419b 100644
--- a/software/server-setup
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/unix-tricks b/software/
index 265609f..265609f 100644
--- a/software/unix-tricks
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/software/vim b/software/
index 76ffa24..76ffa24 100644
--- a/software/vim
+++ b/software/
diff --git a/tmp/Newcomb paradox b/tmp/Newcomb
index c7da22b..c7da22b 100644
--- a/tmp/Newcomb paradox
+++ b/tmp/Newcomb
diff --git a/tmp/SCUBA b/tmp/
index 84d1345..84d1345 100644
--- a/tmp/SCUBA
+++ b/tmp/
diff --git a/tmp/Saccade b/tmp/
index 85693c6..85693c6 100644
--- a/tmp/Saccade
+++ b/tmp/
diff --git a/tmp/Teaching CS b/tmp/Teaching
index 2c21cc4..2c21cc4 100644
--- a/tmp/Teaching CS
+++ b/tmp/Teaching
diff --git a/tmp/Topics of Curiosity b/tmp/Topics of
index 6ef2976..6ef2976 100644
--- a/tmp/Topics of Curiosity
+++ b/tmp/Topics of
diff --git a/tmp/artists b/tmp/
index a7b9751..a7b9751 100644
--- a/tmp/artists
+++ b/tmp/
diff --git a/tmp/sql b/tmp/
index 4936bc9..4936bc9 100644
--- a/tmp/sql
+++ b/tmp/