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debian: powertop and chromium fonts
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the console), so it may have been one of those changes that ultimately fixed
+Persist Laptop Power Saving Flags
+`powertop` helps identify system flags that need tuning (`sysfs`, `iw`, etc),
+which are super helpful, but these tweaks don't persist through reboots.
+You can automate setting *all* the `powertop` tunings at bood by adding
+`powertop --auto-tune` to `/etc/rc.local` (and making sure `rc-local.service`
+is configured under `systemd` if you are using that for init).
+Alternatively, you could put just the flags you think are important in
+`rc.local`, instead of applying them all, though this won't catch new flags
+after upgrades.
+See also:
+Chromium Fonts
+Surprisingly, this trick worked for me: