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debian and gpg notes
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Surprisingly, this trick worked for me:
+Stretch Upgrade Notes
+Was having problems with screen locking after updating, probably because
+`xscreensaver` and `light-lock` were fighting.
+Solved by:
+ apt remove light-lock
+ apt install lightdm
+Also got rid of my old `.xinitrc` file, but not sure if that was related or
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-gpg --recv-keys $KEYHASH
+Simple way (not an offline master key):
-gpg --fingerprint # check fingerprint
-gpg --sign-key $KEYHASH
-gpg --keyserver --send-key $KEYHASH
+ gpg --recv-keys $KEYHASH
+ gpg --fingerprint # check fingerprint
+ gpg --sign-key $KEYHASH
+ gpg --keyserver --send-key $KEYHASH
+However, I use an offline master key, which means I need to do a horrible
+juggling trick of mounting an SD card or similar, specifying a `--homedir`, and
+then exporting-and-importing the signed key when i'm done so it ends up in my
+not-offline gpg homedir.