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debian: document XFCE4 Keyboard stuff
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See also:
+XFCE4 Keyboard Settings Broken Under Jessie: xfsettingsd
+I had a very strange problem after running a dist-upgrade with debian jessie.
+This was on a laptop which was installed fresh with jessie while it was still
+testing (around December 2014); I ran dist-upgrade in April 2015 around (or a
+bit before) the official Jessie release.
+After updating packages and rebooting, my XFCE4 application keyboard bindings
+were broken (eg, Super+t for xterm). Other symptoms were that system fonts got
+subjectively uglier. The weird thing was that windows manager bindings (eg,
+Super+F11 to maximize vertically) still worked. I keep my XFCE4 settings under
+version control, along with the rest of my dotfiles, so initially I assumed
+there had been some backwards incompatible change... I also suspected that
+maybe the window manager initiation process had changed. My old .xinitrc has
+always needed small tweaks for new OS releases.
+In the end, the problem seems to have been that ``xfsettingsd`` had crashed and
+would not restart on new logins. Simply running this command from a terminal in
+X11 once somehow magically fixed the problem, and ``xfsettingsd`` runs (with
+corrected ``--sm-client-id`` arguments et al) on reboot, and my old keyboard
+settings all work as expected.
+I tried a number of smaller fixes (including wiping ``~/.cache/settings`` from
+the console), so it may have been one of those changes that ultimately fixed