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@@ -40,3 +40,25 @@ An omni-drive robot encased in a mouse, controlled by a touchstick or touchpad.
Should translate very quickly, so the user feels like they are "mousing" and
selecting over the floor.
+"Nest for Lighting"
+Auto-dimming lights to react to ambient light levels. Could also do the
+opposite and stochastically vary the light level to give cloud-like effect in
+window-less rooms.
+Open Hardware LabJack competitor. Compatible with wiring, Lua scripting, full
+free GCC toolchain. Support/drivers for Octave, Matlab, Mathematica, UNIX /dev
+points, EPICS, ROOT, ROS, RTEMS. "Industrial Quality" for $80-100, "Commercial
+Quality" $50. Characterized and well-documented analog interfaces.
+General Purpose Laptop CardBus FPGA Interface
+Computational acceleration (compression, codecs, crypto, real-time
+modeling/simulation), external digital interfacing (logic analyzer, USB
+debugging, HDMI, networking, etc), host debugging (watchdog, timing, console
+interface, bus sniffing, peripheral emulation, kernel unit tests). High-density
+pins to many different cable types (extra $$$) with logic-level shifters:
+"universal digital I/O". $100.