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+Half Baked Ideas
+The Simulacra-cycle
+Bicycling with a light-weight (and functional!) helmet embedded with with 360
+fisheye camera coverage. Also collect rotation/acceleration data and
+post-process out movements to give a stable 360 video image which can be played
+back with 3D goggles (or a basic computer/tablet interface?).
+Enhanced version would also record bike vibrations, pedal turns, audio, and
+handlebar positions, and this could be played back on an artificial bike.
+Solar Autonoma
+An audio "artifact": a CD jewel case with a photovoltaic panel powering a
+generative digital/analog electronic music box which outputs hundreds of years
+worth of non-repeating audio to an 1/8" headphone jack.
+One crude output algorithm could be the raw position of a turning machine
+(probably a busy beaver) tape position over time. Another is interpreting a
+meta-stable cellular autonoma's cells as notes; perhaps the combination of
+these two ideas?
+Should be engineered to last at least a few decades without repairs, which
+means compensating for PV cell degredation.
+Robustly encode arbirary data into techno, similar to image-based stenography
+techniques. Should be able to recover the data from audio recorded live at a
+concert or rave; perhaps in real-time?
+Leads to "verboden" music which is illegal to broadcast and listen to?
+Robotic Mouse Cursor
+An omni-drive robot encased in a mouse, controlled by a touchstick or touchpad.
+Should translate very quickly, so the user feels like they are "mousing" and
+selecting over the floor.