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+Gravity's Rainbow
+:by: Thomas Pynchon
+Excellent German Words
+These are some of my favorites from
+ world-weariness
+ gasoline hallucination
+ pig-hero festival
+ purple substance
+ obedience factor
+ research institute, experimental station
+ primordial stuff
+ corpse-like obedience, i.e., slavish obedience
+ back-courtyard
+ pure coffee
+Rocket Limericks
+*(These are interspersed on pages 305-335)*
+| There once was a thing called a V-2
+| To pilot which you did not need to-
+| You just pushed a button,
+| And it would leave nuttin'
+| But stiffs and big holes and debris, too.
+| <refrain:>
+| Ja, ja, ja, ja!
+| In Prussia they never eat pussy!
+| There ain't hardly cates enough,
+| There's garbage and that's enough,
+| So waltz me around again, Russky!
+| There was a young fellow named Crockett,
+| Who had an affair with a rocket.
+| If you saw them out there
+| You'd be tempted to stare,
+| But if you ain't tried it, don't knock it!
+| There was a young fellow named Hector,
+| Who was fond of a launcher-erector.
+| But the squishes and pops
+| Of acute pressure drops
+| Wrecked Hector's hydraulic connector.
+| There once was a fellow named Moorehead,
+| Who had an affair with a warhead.
+| His wife moved away
+| The very next day-
+| She *was* always kind of a sorehead.
+| There was a technician named Urban,
+| Who had an affair with a turbine.
+| "It's much nicer," he said,
+| "Than a woman in bed,
+| And it's sure as hell cheaper than bourbon!"
+| There once was a fellow named Slattery
+| Who was fond of the course-gyro battery.
+| With that 50-volt shock,
+| What was left of his cock
+| Was all slimy and sloppy and spattery.
+| Ther was a young fellow named Pope,
+| Who plugged into an *os*-cillo-*scope*.
+| The cyclical trace
+| Of their carnal embrace
+| Had a damn nearly infinite slope.
+| There was a young fellow named Yuri,
+| Fucked the nozzle right up its venturi.
+| He had woes without cease
+| From his local police,
+| And a hell of a time with the jury
+| There was a young man named McGuire,
+| Who was fond of the pitch amplifier.
+| But a number of shorts
+| Left him covered with warts,
+| And set half the bedroom on fire.
+| There once was a fellow named Ritter,
+| Who slept with a guidance transmitter.
+| It shriveled his cock,
+| Which fell off in his sock,
+| And made him exceedingly bitter.
+| There once was a fellow named Schroeder,
+| Who buggered the vane servomotor.
+| He soon grew a prong
+| On the end of his schlong,
+| And hired himself a promoter.
+| There was a young man from Decatur,
+| Who slept with a LOX generator.
+| His balls and his prick
+| Froze solid read quick,
+| And his asshole a little bit later.