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# Mind Map!
-This is where everything I know goes! Right now there are lots of render errors after a software change and plenty of holes, but so it is.
+This is where everything I know goes! After various iterations and
+transcriptions some of the pages are poorly formated, let me know if you catch
+any typos. You can browse using the "all pages" link to the right, or jump
+right in to:
-For now you can browse using the "all pages" link to the right!
+ * [films/]
+ * [books/]
+ * [math/]
+ * [physics/]
+ * [software/]
-For more about gitit see the [Gitit User's Guide]() or [](
+This wiki is run on gitit, a Haskell web application built on top of the Pandoc
+formating package and the git revision system; see the [Gitit User's Guide]()
+or []( for more info.