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Will probably watch *Spring Breakers* after having seen this, though i'm not
really looking forward to it.
+Valarian (2017)
+Ugh, the dialog was *so bad*, the male protagonist *so stiff*, and the plot
+resolution *so genere* it almost ruined all the eye-candy and fun visual gags:
+I got warm fuzzies in the openeing sequence, loved the desert shopping scene,
+and the female protagonist acting was fine. "Fifth Element" has all the
+advantages and none of the downsides.
+Blade Runner Sequel (2017)
+I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. Mostly for the cinematic
+mood: visuals, droning music (very loud in the theater I saw this in), pacing.
+Most of the plot and tension was regurgitated and dumbed down from the original
+(which, to be fair, I didn't understand the first time I watched it at 15 or
+so), but there's still a little room for mystery here. I'm not a huge Gosling
+fan, but I liked contrastic his stoicism against Ford's grumpy old man.
+Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)
+Hrm. Entertaining, I guess? Felt like watching TV, or fan-fic. The goofiness
+felt overdone and the Luke/Yoda jedi island interlude had zero emotional punch.
+I sort of liked the Casino planet interlude, and the call outs of inequality
+and military-industrial complicity, but it ended up being heavy handed. Any
+original trilogy nostalgia is long gone after all this franchise creep...
+Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvell-everything, Star Wars, they all taste
+the same.
+I liked Valarian better for creative eye candy (despite its screenwriting
+flaws), and Blade Runner as a franchise extention (pushing the old buttons in a
+slightly different way).