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2019 films (so far)
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Infernal Affairs II
-Saw it on the plane and don't remember much, which was a losss.
+Saw it on the plane and don't remember much, which was a loss.
Die Hard
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+"Recent Godard Film" (can't remember title)
+This was a "hard" serious film, and to be honest I didn't follow a single
+minute of it. I think rmo, who I saw it with, saw and connected much more, but
+even his explanations didn't make any sense to me. Still not sure if
+disapointed in myself (for not knowing more context?) or the film (for being
+inscrutiable, and/or indulgent and vapid). Reminded me of the Orson Wells film
+from last year.
+John Wick 3
+Saw with mouse; I think most of my enjoyment came as spill over. The library
+scene was fun, the desert shootout with doggies was gripping. The degree of of
+style but total ridiculousness is new to me. I liked the type-writer
+score-keeping room entirely run by punk (women?) in starched white shirts.
+Southland Tales
+Re-watched this at home in SF with Lucy and Will. They didn't love it, but
+could stomach it, I think. Had recently visited LA and it was sort of fun to
+remember real locations. Just after screening I felt disapointed and over it
+(heavy-handed, long, slow, plot is a mess, gag-oriented, indulgent, whatever),
+but now months later I still feel like I love the film for it's weirdness, the
+musical scene, and Dwayne Johnson.
+"Flamboyant Portugese Film" (can't remember title)
+Mixed/weird feelings about this one. It wasn't very good overall, lots of slow
+or "ugh" jokes and moments, but there were enough surreal visual gags to be
+I liked the undercover character, and of course the pink puppy football
+sequences. Having it be another culture (Portugal) and language made it easier
+to laugh, though very close to the bone (Trump era).
+Crappy MCU Films
+Guess I watched a bunch of these this spring? Final Avengers film, Captain
+America? Can't even remember now. I love a summer blockbuster; I fondly
+remember escaping NYC heat and humidity for giant robot battles, and the
+spectacle of Cinerama action films. But feel like the pattern of shutting off
+higher brain function and letting the high-production-value slurry drain down
+has become addictive and un-fun.
+The Farewell (2019)
+Saw with Lucy at the Egyptian in Seattle. A good film, would recommend in
+general, but it particularly touched both Lucy and me for being so close to her
+personal family story and travel experiences in China (both her own trips and
+us together to see her family). The theater was full of couples in tears.
+I liked this so much more than "Crazy Rich Asians", though it probably won't
+reach as wide an audience.