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bulk package pkg_add-ing plus syntax fixes
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Debian Linux
-**See also `freebsd </k/software/freebsd-tricks>`__ and
-`unix </k/software/unix-tricks>`__ tricks.**
+**See also `freebsd </k/software/freebsd-tricks>`_ and
+`unix </k/software/unix-tricks>`_ tricks.**
Some gotchas from installing debian a few times:
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@@ -49,4 +49,15 @@ The following are large and/or "optional"::
The following are added by download::
java ("Diablo Latte" jdk from FreeBSD Foundation)
+Bulk Installation
+``pkg_add`` will fail with a ``getcwd`` error if you try to install many
+packages with the same command. Instead, once you have ``bash`` installed,
+you want to do something like::
+ $ for i in `echo vim screen python blah blah blah`; do pkg_add -r $i; done
+Note that with many packages it's almost impossible to avoid installing X
+windows; I think there's a flag for this somewhere.
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FreeBSD Tricks
-**See also `unix </k/software/unix-tricks>`__ and
-`debian </k/software/debian>`__ tricks.**
+**See also `unix </k/software/unix-tricks>`_ and
+`debian </k/software/debian>`_ tricks.**
Set User Shell
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Generic Server Setup Tricks
-See also `debian </k/software/debian>`__ and
-`freebsd tricks </k/software/freebsd-tricks>`__.
+See also `debian </k/software/debian>`_ and
+`freebsd tricks </k/software/freebsd-tricks>`_.
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UNIX Tricks
-**See also `freebsd </k/software/freebsd-tricks>`__ and
-`debian </k/software/debian>`__ tricks.**
+**See also `freebsd </k/software/freebsd-tricks>`_ and
+`debian </k/software/debian>`_ tricks.**
Fork many processes with `xargs`