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device setup basics
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+- Intel NUC
+- 500 GByte SSD (overkill, but was what we had)
+OS: Ubuntu 16.04 "xenial" (as per EOTK supported)
+Download an Ubuntu 16.04 server .iso file, verify checksup, and `dd` it to a USB thumbdrive.
+Power on the Intel NUC with keyboard and monitor attached, hold F10 to get boot
+menu and select the USB drive (I didn't use UEFI).
+Install as english/USA.
+Hostname: ia-onion1
+User: eotk
+Password: eotk-changeme
+Did not encrypt homedir; want device to come back up automatically after a
+power fault.
+Select unencrypted full LVM volume.
+Select "install security upgrades automatically".
+- standard system utilities
+- OpenSSH server
+Have grub overwrite MBR
+Reboot, pull USB drive, login as eotk.
+ sudo apt update
+ sudo apt upgrade
+ sudo apt install git
+ sudo apt install build-essential cowsay manpages-dev apt-transport-https
+ curl git htop iftop iotop iputils-ping less molly-guard mtr-tiny netbase
+ net-tools openssh-server screen sudo tcpdump tree unattended-upgrades
+ util-linux vim-nox wget ntp fail2ban rkhunter debsums whois lynis