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* update Cargo.lockHEADmasterBryan Newbold2022-09-071-340/+400
* add buffered read to path importbnewbold2022-06-231-1/+2
* cargo fix (with cargo v1.37)Bryan Newbold2019-08-268-80/+80
* cargo updateBryan Newbold2019-08-261-256/+367
* backup more old notesBryan Newbold2018-07-312-0/+23
* update TODO listBryan Newbold2018-07-311-11/+5
* more WIP on synchronizerBryan Newbold2018-02-194-17/+45
* switch to resolve 0.2Bryan Newbold2018-02-192-9/+5
* update DNS library to get bugfixBryan Newbold2018-02-163-6/+10
* synchronizer: manual control of peer listBryan Newbold2018-02-151-2/+25
* more WIP on synchronizerBryan Newbold2018-02-154-27/+129
* update crypto notesBryan Newbold2018-01-221-24/+5
* some progressBryan Newbold2018-01-221-13/+1
* WIP on synchronizer state machineBryan Newbold2018-01-223-14/+113
* allow passing local_id to datconnect (and peer)Bryan Newbold2018-01-223-8/+34
* WIP refactoring DatPeerBryan Newbold2018-01-224-132/+138
* procol cleanups: nodelay, from_tcp, tosocketaddrBryan Newbold2018-01-212-78/+17
* yet more notesBryan Newbold2018-01-213-3/+95
* add chan crates (and bit-vec)Bryan Newbold2018-01-212-0/+42
* register -> feedBryan Newbold2018-01-212-41/+41
* move drive helper function from datconnection into datpeerBryan Newbold2018-01-112-24/+155
* make DatConnection drive-agnosticBryan Newbold2018-01-112-118/+32
* small cleanupsBryan Newbold2018-01-103-11/+2
* newer sodiumoxide removed dependency on recent cargoBryan Newbold2017-12-121-3/+0
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'Bryan Newbold2017-12-122-80/+83
| * tweak drive API name to be more like tarbnewbold2017-12-062-8/+8
| * switch to new upstream sodiumoxidebnewbold2017-12-063-94/+98
* | start flushing out new APIsBryan Newbold2017-12-126-38/+83
* | copy in 'geniza log' implementationBryan Newbold2017-12-111-2/+44
* | flush out geniza command modesBryan Newbold2017-12-111-8/+52
* | refactor higher level peer APIs (WIP)Bryan Newbold2017-12-117-113/+156
* | ignore scratch dirBryan Newbold2017-12-111-0/+1
* | updated Cargo.lock syntaxBryan Newbold2017-12-071-20/+20
* | start core command skeletonBryan Newbold2017-12-071-0/+80
* | parse_dat_address() helperBryan Newbold2017-12-072-22/+49
* update README/TODOBryan Newbold2017-12-052-22/+20
* count as an arg for recieve-someBryan Newbold2017-12-052-5/+6
* geniza-net cleanupsBryan Newbold2017-12-051-23/+4
* basic centralized DNS discoveryBryan Newbold2017-12-055-0/+115
* notes on DNS, DHT, etcBryan Newbold2017-11-281-0/+51
* WIP on node (synchronization) codeBryan Newbold2017-11-283-1/+185
* DRY in geniza-netBryan Newbold2017-11-281-25/+21
* make more library things publicBryan Newbold2017-11-282-5/+5
* helper command for generating dns lookup namesBryan Newbold2017-11-261-0/+48
* move make_discovery_key() to lib.rsBryan Newbold2017-11-263-13/+20
* notes/updatesBryan Newbold2017-11-246-24/+42
* several drive bugfixesBryan Newbold2017-11-241-12/+36
* import/export drive directoriesBryan Newbold2017-11-242-0/+116
* start testing CLI argsBryan Newbold2017-11-193-0/+270
* additional drive commandsBryan Newbold2017-11-192-16/+45