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@@ -31,8 +31,8 @@ it will Just Work without needing any administrative intervention.
# Usage
- export CONFLUENCE_USER=`whoami`
- export CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD="password123"
+ export CONFLUENCE_USER="user123"
+ export CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD="password456"
export CONFLUENCE_URL="https://evil-corp.jira.com/wiki/"
./divergence -s "PROD25" Acme_Widget_Docs.md
@@ -47,8 +47,16 @@ Multiple files can be uploaded at the same time.
If you have in-line images you'll need to upload them manually. Haven't tried
it yet.
-You might want to write a shell script wrapper to help with configuration and
-pushing multiple files to multiple spaces.
+You might want to write a shell script wrapper to automate configuration; you
+could also set these variable in `~/.profile` or similar:
+ #!/bin/bash
+ export CONFLUENCE_USER=`whoami`
+ export CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD=`pass evil-corp.jira.com | head -n1`
+ export CONFLUENCE_URL="https://evil-corp.jira.com/wiki/"
+ divergence -v $*
It's probably possible to use any pandoc-supported markup file format (not just
Markdown), but this hasn't been tested.