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* initial work on term rewrite rule parsingHEADmasterBryan Newbold2021-11-132-0/+218
* notes on term rewritingBryan Newbold2021-11-111-0/+54
* commit old plan fileBryan Newbold2021-11-111-0/+65
* more canonicalization tests, from old plan.txtBryan Newbold2021-11-111-0/+5
* small test additionsBryan Newbold2021-11-071-0/+2
* crate-local Result alias for less verbose type signaturesBryan Newbold2021-10-252-23/+22
* refactor into lib-style crate, and add some early testsBryan Newbold2021-10-255-35/+99
* constants; clean up product and sum codeBryan Newbold2021-10-241-54/+169
* more progressBryan Newbold2021-10-243-106/+159
* progressBryan Newbold2021-10-243-97/+154
* simplify s-expr enum, to make other parsing easier as wellBryan Newbold2021-10-232-44/+17
* commit work-in-progressBryan Newbold2021-10-233-3/+152
* sexpr: simplify by removing quote and vector typesBryan Newbold2021-10-171-22/+3
* initial copy of hand-written sexpr parsingBryan Newbold2021-10-165-0/+419
* init repo with README and gitignoreBryan Newbold2021-10-142-0/+25