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* commit current nginx configfirst-gobnewbold2016-05-041-0/+41
* renamed old index and updated static referencesbnewbold2007-02-193-1/+2
* forgot to add several photo filesbnewbold2007-02-199-0/+734
* removed knowledge directory, filled in front page, continued git_browsebnewbold2007-02-1811-85/+142
* renamed a few templates, further work on git_browsev0.0.0bnewbold2007-02-1813-34/+230
* first work on git_browser appbnewbold2007-02-089-0/+178
* photos app roughed in, style tweakedbnewbold2007-02-069-86/+215
* basic html design roughed in, django project run and admin startedbnewbold2007-02-0417-12/+270
* added .gitignorebnewbold2007-02-032-1/+9
* static html layout created (rough)bnewbold2007-02-025-0/+165
* first commit! added django directory...bnewbold2007-02-024-0/+98