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abstraction, and nature (eg, embedded digital electronics for scientific
-You might know me from around Seattle, New York City (<a
+You might know me from around San Francisco, Seattle (<a
+href="http://leastsquar.es">leastsquar.es</a>), New York City (<a
href="https://recurse.com">Recurse Center</a>), or Boston/Cambridge (<a
href="http://industry-lab.com/">Industry Lab</a>, MIT).
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<br />
<br />
-I am currently <b>looking for work!</b> Searching for in-person (non-remote)
-jobs on the West Coast, with a preference for Seattle. If you know of
-anything, <a href="/about/#contact">get in touch</a>.
-<br />
-<br />
<h3>Where am I Now?</h3>
-As of Summer 2016 I am attending the <a href="https://recurse.com">Recurse
-Center</a> in New York City, becoming a stronger (and happier!) programmer.
-My <a href="https://extraordinary.leastsquar.es/">home</a> has been Seattle
-since Fall 2014, where I have been hiking and biking and working remotely for
-<a href="http://www.twinleaf.com">Twinleaf</a>, a small New Jersey company that
-builds Atomic Magnetometers.
+As of Fall 2016 I live in San Francisco and work on systems and infrastructure
+at <a href="https://stripe.com">Stripe</a>. The biking, conversations, and
+scent of Eucalyptus here have been most wonderful! This past Spring I attended
+the <a href="https://recurse.com">Recurse Center</a> in New York City, and
+before that I was building Atomic Magnetometers for a small New Jersey company
+called <a href="http://www.twinleaf.com">Twinleaf</a>.
&nbsp;<a href="/whatsup/" style="font-size: smaller;">┬źpreviously┬╗</a>
<br />