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diff --git a/TODO b/TODO
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+The main thing remaining to be done is to produce a USB disk or a script used in conjunction with a usb disk
+that when run on a DreamPlug will preare the system as expected. We should be
+able to produce a Torouter with only a single command.
+Everything else is bug hunting and improving the web ui.
diff --git a/packages/torouter-prep/src/torouter_config.sh b/packages/torouter-prep/src/torouter_config.sh
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--- a/packages/torouter-prep/src/torouter_config.sh
+++ b/packages/torouter-prep/src/torouter_config.sh
@@ -48,7 +48,8 @@ apt-get -y install less
apt-get -y install screen
# Install a few networking tools
-apt-get -y install lsof wireless-tools iputils-ping
+apt-get -y install lsof wireless-tools iputils-ping \
+ lsof net-tools tcptraceroute traceroute mtr-tiny
# Install the weird wireless control for the DreamPlug
apt-get install -y -t sid uaputl
@@ -167,7 +168,7 @@ addgroup $ADMINGROUP
-## Add arm startup trick with cron for shared screen
+## Add arm startup trick with cron for shared screen run as $ADMINUSER
crontab -u $ADMINUSER $config_dir/tor-arm-crontab