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+system config files should live here in ./config
+system config scripts should live here in ./scripts
+ torouter-takeover
+ add torproject keys (prompt?)
+ setup sources.list
+ apt-get update
+ install dependancies like tor and torouterui
+ run torouter_preboot.sh
+ torouter-preboot
+ check that dependancies are installed (tor, torouterui, etc) or fail
+ copy/install all configuration files
+ install
+ create users and groups
+ remove/disable unwanted packages
+ setup firstboot
+ torouter-firstboot (just generates ssh keys; could be done elsewhere?)
+ torouter-copy2internal (TODO)
+ torouter-setupuboot (TODO)
+torouter-prep contains all the above files
+torouter_easy_setup.sh installs torouter-prep, executes torouter-takeover,
+then reboots. it should be included in torouter-prep (for signing?)
+install.sh script executes withing qemu:
+ configures all installed packages
+ run torouter_preboot.sh
+ install .deb src packages
+ kernel re-packing
+ (re)set root password
+ (re)set user password
+ unconfigure sshd (so it will get re-configured on 1st boot)
+differences between takeover and .img build process:
+- don't need new ssh keys with takeover
+- don't need kernel re-pack with takeover
+- don't need fstab re-write with takeover