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* BROKEN: partial implementation of C versionHEADmasterbnewbold2010-07-311-4/+23
* Moving the resources in to their own module to ensure that setup.py installsNick Fitzgerald2010-07-094-51/+58
* renamed: resources/pycco.css -> pycco_resources/pycco.cssNick Fitzgerald2010-07-092-0/+0
* Updating pocco -> pycco in html templateNick Fitzgerald2010-07-081-1/+1
* Renaming Pocco to PyccoNick Fitzgerald2010-07-085-27/+30
* Add Lua to the list of languages.Anders Bergh2010-06-301-0/+1
* Fixing up pocco to work with files that dont have an extension and adding the...Nick Fitzgerald2010-06-292-4/+29
* Making pocco.py standalone, don't need the bin scriptNick Fitzgerald2010-06-292-12/+8
* Fixing bug with splitting fragmentsNick Fitzgerald2010-06-291-2/+10
* Fixing argv parameter parsingNick Fitzgerald2010-06-292-2/+3
* Updating READMENick Fitzgerald2010-06-291-10/+19
* Little changesNick Fitzgerald2010-06-291-4/+5
* Using the actual pygments module rather than the command line utilityNick Fitzgerald2010-06-291-13/+9
* Initial commit. TODO: update README, make setup.py script, make gh-pagesNick Fitzgerald2010-06-295-0/+445