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masteradded loading animation, piccast color title, navigation controllers for brow...matt handler11 years
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2011-04-30added loading animation, piccast color title, navigation controllers for brow...HEADmastermatt handler27-461/+1022
2011-04-29changing subscribedSources -> sources, adding instant level today/tomorrow/ye...matt handler22-3840/+2240
2011-04-27sorting automatically, load more button, remove some logging, customizing thi...matt handler6-277/+1344
2011-04-27made fetcher take a payload, added favicon, turned off statement caching, may...matt handler15-1507/+1531
2011-04-26aww yeah it worksmatt handler6-152/+719
2011-04-26sort topics when popping out of the database, customize photoview controller,...matt handler4-163/+251
2011-04-26updated topics dynamic loading, added fetcher class, storing in database and ...matt handler12-4634/+1545
2011-04-26update for new json layoutmatt handler3-16/+17
2011-04-25nice steady state, gotto get the server up to speed then we golden boyeematt handler7-344/+635
2011-04-25source view edit is at a stable state, cleaned up some stuff, need to connect...matt handler10-634/+1585