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+Advanced Enterprise Research Office
+Advanced Enterprise Research Office is still in a somewhat hacked-together
+state, so installing and running it require a bit of work.
+It currently only runs on Mac OS X, due to a dependency on Quartz Composer. It
+has been tested in Leopard (10.5.8).
+ http://ioquake3.org/get-it/
+ Install it
+the Quake 3: Arena CD-ROM
+ Place the pak0.pk3 in your ioquake3/baseq3 folder
+Quartz Composer
+ Install instructions:
+ http://quartzcomposer.com/quartz-composer-installation-tutorial-how-to-install
+ http://allocinit.com/index.php?title=CamTwist
+ Install it
+ http://kriss.cx/tom/datamosh/
+ Put it in:
+ /Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/
+ http://aero.electronicwhisper.com/
+ Place the entire contents of this zip file in your ioquake3/baseq3 folder
+ This includes RUN_AERO, the aero folder, and aeroquartz.qtz
+ This will launch ioquake3 with the AERO mods
+Press the ~ key
+ This will give you back your mouse control
+Move the ioquake3 window mostly off screen
+Open CamTwist
+ in "Video Sources" select "Desktop+", click "Select"
+ in "Settings",
+ uncheck "Full Screen"
+ check "Confine to Application Window"
+ select "ioquake3" from the list of windows
+Run aero-quartz.qtz
+ Make the viewer window big, ideally full-screening on your second monitor
+Click on the ioquake3 window to focus it
+Press the ~ key and you're off! Use the arrow keys to move around.
+NOTE: Our working title for this mod was 'q3mosh' and despite some replace all
+action you might still find that title floating around in path names etc.
+All of our assets (including .map files, textures, music, etc) are in the
+aero/pak*.pk3 file; these are simply zip files with a different file extension,
+you can unzip them to get the original files.
+Some game logic changes (eg new console commands) are bundled as compiled QVM
+files. The actual source code changes relative to the ioquake3 source code
+(relative to the 1772 subversion commit) are encapsulated in the
+aero/ioquake3_aero.diff patch file. We also have a git repository of the
+source code changes at:
+ http://github.com/bnewbold/ioquake3-aero
+A few other changes (eg timescale) are implemented as simple command line
+options (see RUN_AERO) or configuration flags (see autoexec.cfg in