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<br /><br />
<b>Title: </b> A Compuational Elucidation of Curved Spacetime<br />
<b>Advisor: </b> Prof. Gerald Sussman, EECS<br />
-<b>Year: </b>2009
+<b>Year: </b>2009<br />
+<br />
+The old version of this page is <a href="other/sicm-fall08.html">here</a>,
+outlining what kind of projects I was interested in.
<h2>Quick Links</h2>
- <li /><a href="http://git.bryannewbold.com/">git repository</a>
- <li /><a href="README">README</a> file
+ <li /><a href="http://git.bryannewbold.com/">git repository</a>:
+ <a href="README">README file</a>, changelog, browse tree,
+ <a href="./">browse local</a>
<li />MIT/GNU Scheme: project, guide, installation
<li />R5RS
<li />SICM: textbook, scmutils
<li />My knowledge: scheme, math, physics
+My course schedule etc can be found at <a href="http://bryannewbold.com/cal/">
+bryannewbold.com/cal</a>.<br /><br />
+<table style="border: solid black 1px; margin-left: 100px;" border="1" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0">
+<tr /><td /><b><u>When</u></b>
+ <td width="450px"/><b><u>What to do</u></b>
+<tr /><td />Jan 16-22
+ <td />Self teach some more scheme and differential geometry, documenting
+ examples. Maybe work through 2 or 3 problems from SICM textbook
+ or implement some classic physics problems (eg current through
+ wire cross section, variational principle examples in Feynman
+ lectures, derivation of magnetism at the 8.022 level).
+ <br />Understand and document scmutils package and compiler
+ interactions (at least conceptually).
+ <br />If I'm going to put mit-scheme in sage, this is the time to
+ do it, after this point I shouldn't be focusing on the software
+ tools as much.
+<tr /><td />Jan 19-26?
+ <td />Work through "Functional Differential Geometry", rewriting by hand
+<tr /><td />Jan 31
+ <td />By this date have a proposed outline with length estimates so
+ I can sanity check with somebody in the physics department.
+<tr /><td />Feb 28?
+ <td />Have something resembling a draft and be working out details,
+ getting comments from professors and other students. At least
+ one interesting application should be demonstrated.
+<tr /><td />???
+ <td />Spring break week
+<tr /><td />???
+ <td />Final due to department
<h2><a href="journal/">Journal Entries</a></h2>
<h2><a href="references.html">References</a></h2>
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+<i>from proposal:</i>
+<p />
+I propose to implement a geometric formulation of curved space time in a
+functional computer programming language, and to explore the space of
+and manipulations made possible by such a formulation. A primary motivation
+is to state the foundations of General Relativity in a non-ambiguous manner.
+<p />
+This work follows several attempts to formulate curved spacetime on
+computers for the purpose of numerical calculations and algebraic manipulation.
+Most of these packages are specially designed for the tasks of tensor analysis
+and/or efficient numerical calculation, as is appropriate for use in
+A crucial difference of this proposed work will be to carefully build up the
+geometric and analytical tools in a general purpose functional programing
+language (mit-scheme). As a learning and reference tool, this will allow users
+to explore
+the inner workings and structure of the system, which I believe is essential to
+understanding the system as a whole.
+<p />
+ The frame field representation will be used to emphasize the geometric
+properties of curved space time, as opposed to the more traditional coordinate
+heavy tensor analysis approach.
+<p />
+ The resulting work will include a full implementation with source code and
+documentation, as well as example problems and qualitative comparisons with
+existing packages and software systems.
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<i>Bryan Newbold, <a href="mailto:bnewbold@mit.edu">bnewbold@mit.edu</a></i><br />
<i><a href="http://web.mit.edu/bnewbold/thesis/references.html">
+<br /><br />
The SICM text book is <a href="http://mitpress.mit.edu/SICM/">free online</a>;
so is the <a href="http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/">SICP book</a>.
</br />