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course i'm sure a lot of it is in will's calculus additions, i'll have to
look through that next.
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+Journal: Feb 16, 2009</h1>
+<i>Bryan Newbold, <a href="mailto:bnewbold@mit.edu">bnewbold@mit.edu</a></i><br />
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+This past week we've been covering generic operators in 6.945, which is great
+because it's a set of questions I'm just getting around to. What are the
+important data-types/-structures/objects in general relativity, what are the
+important operators and procedures, and what are their arities and
+Here are some potential object types (I'm using "object" in a general sense,
+not with the usual CS implications):
+ <li />manifold (arbitrary dimension)
+ <li />vector
+ <li />tensor
+ <li />vector and tensor fields
+ <li />metric (a rank-2 tensor)
+ <li />1-form (with implied metric)
+ <li />chart, atlas
+ <li />coordinate system
+ <li />parameterized curve
+ <li />coordinate basis
+ <li />intervals
+ <li />Hamiltonian, Lagrangian
+ <li />geodesic
+Some basic operators:
+ <li />norm/inner-product
+ <li />contraction
+ <li />tensor raising/lowering (w.r.t. a metric)
+ <li />differential form
+ <li />symmetrize/anti-symmetrize
+Some tests:
+ <li />Lorentzian? (of transformations)
+ <li />Poincare? (Lorentzian plus translation)
+ <li />timelike?, spacelike?, lightlike? (of intervals and curves)
+ <li />zero-curvature? (of manifolds)
+ <li />rank? (of tensors)
+ <li />dimension? (of manifolds)
+Some more specific operators:
+ <li />Riemann curvature
+And some tools:
+ <li />evolve
+ <li />find-geodesic
+ <li />find-interval
+<hr />
+Turns out I wasn't using the latest version of scmutils and that's why a bunch
+of calculus functionality was missing... whoops!
+<hr />
+Time is tick ticking away but I feel that things are starting to fall together,
+doing problem sets for my GR class is super valuable, I wish i'd done more
+practice exercises before to test myself. But overall I feel pretty
+mathematically prepared.
+<br />
+Over the weekend I went back and tried to review some topics from topology like
+Baire dimension theory, embedding, and the fundamental group. I never really
+covered these topics when I studies topology before, so I wasn't able to gleam
+any insight.
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