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+Journal: Jan 19, 2009</h1>
+<i>Bryan Newbold, <a href="mailto:bnewbold@mit.edu">bnewbold@mit.edu</a></i><br />
+<i><a href="http://web.mit.edu/bnewbold/thesis/">
+<br /><br />
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+Finished the Seasoned Schemer yesturday. I've been looking through R5RS, it's
+great how short it is! (50 pages)
+From the scmutils manual:
+Some structures, such as the ones that represent inertia tensors, must
+be inverted. (The "m" above may be an inertia tensor!) Division is
+arranged to make this work, when possible. The details are too hairy
+to explain in this short document. We probably need to write a book
+about this!
+<br /><br />
+I also liked this quote from Sean Carrol's Spacetime and Geometry (p485):
+The nice property of tensors, that there is usually only one sensible thing to do based on index placement, is of great help here."
+Sounds like a call for computation?
+<hr />
+I've been working on a sage/scheme interface a bit. The problem i'm running
+into now is disabling the interrupt REPL in MIT/GNU Scheme; I just want it to
+leave an error string and drop back to the base REPL. I could edit the pexpect
+routines in sage to try and catch all the pretinent interrupt strings, but
+I think it would be better to just have the error interrupt hook in scheme
+do the simple thing.
+<br />
+For now, i'm actually going to switch over to the "scm" scheme distribution
+which is much simpler and get that going well with sage, then try MIT/GNU
+scheme again.
+<br /><br />
+<a href="16jan2009.html"><i>(previous entry</i></a>
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do it, after this point I shouldn't be focusing on the software
tools as much.
<tr /><td />Jan 19-26?
- <td />Work through "Functional Differential Geometry", rewriting by hand
+ <td />Work through "Functional Differential Geometry", writing out
+ examples by hand
<tr /><td />Jan 31
<td />By this date have a proposed outline with length estimates so
I can sanity check with somebody in the physics department.
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