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GL: exuberantbovines --root \n\
-### Installing Patched glutin Library
-Circa June 2016, this project requires a patched version of the `glutin` window
-creation library to allow re-using an existing X Window. This is only necessary
-for integration with X Windows, but the project won't build without it.
-As a workaround until there is a solution in upstream `glutin`, use the
-["dependency override"](http://doc.crates.io/specifying-dependencies.html#overriding-dependencies)
-feature of the cargo build tool.
-Checkout the `feature-existing` branch from
-`https://github.com/bnewbold/glutin`, then, under this directory
-(exuberant-hacks), create a `.cargo/config` file with a path like:
- paths = ["/home/bnewbold/src/glutin"]
### Creating Your Own Hacks
You'll need to create at least three files with the same base name (`$HACK`):