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+A simple python script for uploading markdown files to Confluence (a
+proprietary wiki system). If you find yourself needing to publish documentation
+to Confluence at work, but wish that instead you could just write markdown and
+keep it versioned in git instead of contending with browser-mangling javascript
+and pull-down menus, then this tool is for you!
+This is crude and one-way: there is no mechanism for synchronizing or retaining
+edits made by peers, won't look the way you want it to, there are no unittests,
+it will mangle your wiki space, and confound your sysadmins. Have Fun!
+# Installation and Setup
+You need **Python 3**, the **requests** python(3) library, and **pandoc**
+installed first:
+ # debian/ubuntu
+ sudo apt install python3 python3-requests pandoc
+ # homebrew? guessing here
+ sudo brew install python3 py3-requests pandoc
+To experiment you can checkout this repo and run commands locally. If you like
+it you can install system-wide with:
+ sudo make install
+On the Confluence side, it uses the newer REST API (not the old XML-RPC API)
+and generates complete pages in "Confluence storage" syntax, so if you're lucky
+it will Just Work without needing any administrative intervention.
+# Usage
+ export CONFLUENCE_USER=`whoami`
+ export CONFLUENCE_PASSWORD="password123"
+ export CONFLUENCE_URL="https://evil-corp.jira.com/wiki/"
+ ./divergence -s "PROD25" Acme_Widget_Docs.md
+This will create a new page "Acme Widget Docs" under the space with ID
+"PROD25" (or overwrite it if it already exists). When experimenting you
+probably want to use your personal space, which will be something like
+"~bitdiddle". If you blow away something accidentally, it should be possible to
+revert the push in the wiki interface (this has not been verified).
+Multiple files can be uploaded at the same time.
+If you have in-line images you'll need to upload them manually. Haven't tried
+it yet.