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You might want to write a shell script wrapper to help with configuration and
pushing multiple files to multiple spaces.
+It's probably possible to use any pandoc-supported markup file format (not just
+Markdown), but this hasn't been tested.
+Metadata can also be extracted from a pandoc-style YAML header in the markdown
+file itself. This is helpful if you want to override the (case-sensitive, and
+thus buggy) title/page matching behavior, or if you want to override the
+Confluence space for different documents.
+ ---
+ confluence-page-id: 12345
+ confluence-space-key: PRJ5
+ confluence-page-title: "Some Fancy Title Here"
+ ...
+Space Key is used for creating pages and doing title-based lookup. If page-id
+(a number which can be found in the URL of pages on the confluence site) is
+given, that is used for lookup and editing instead.
+Other confluence metadata, such as the page hierarchy, can be modified in the
+Confluence web interface and should persist across updates from this tool.