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-On The Merits of Expartiatization
-"Hairshirting" must be avoided: the benefits of all human progress should be
-leveraged going forward, and technologies and lessons learned under flawed and
-unjust organizations should not be ignored. The point is not to drop off,
-abandon, or boycott the polical grid, it is to create a new and improved
-subnetwork of the grid.
-Change happens when things are done well.
-The United States, and arguably many other developed western captialist
-democracies, is stuck in a rut: political and social progress has slowed to a
-halt and momentum has been lost. It is unclear whether there is a significant
-backslide taking place or if this is just the perception from a lack of
-Other Places
-Unused infrastructure is good.
-A balance of resources is good: enough to not be desperately dependant, but not so many that outside forces will be attracted.