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+{% extends "base.html" %}
+{% block title %}The Equator is Primed{% endblock %}
+{% block content %}
+<div style="width: 300px; margin-left: 176px; border: 3px solid red;
+padding: 5px; background-color: orange; font-size: 30px; text-align: center;">
+<a href="/go/" style="text-decoration:none;">GO</a></div>
+<br />
+<h3>View all <a href="/equation/">equations</a>,
+<a href="/variable/">variables</a>, or
+<a href="/symbol/">symbols</a>.</h3>
+<p />
+This site is a junky hack of a tool to quickly explore equations of all kinds;
+the main interface is designed to quickly look up physical equations and
+formulae based on their constituant variables. Click "GO" above to start.
+<p />
+The site runs on <a href="">google app engine</a>; it uses
+the python project <a href="">django</a> and should
+be using the javascript math package <a href="">jsMath</a>.
+<p />
+The full source code is available at
+<a href=""></a>. You can get all the
+symbols and variables as json (poke around and you'll find it); i'd like to
+offer full export in a bunch of formats as well as feeds for new/special
+<h2>Stuff that is out there</h2>
+ <li /><a href="">wikipedia</a>
+ <li /><a href="">hyperphysics</a>
+ <li /><a href="">Planet Math</a>
+ <li /><a href="">Sage Math</a>
+ <li /><a href="">AXIOM</a>
+ <li /><a href=""></a>
+ <li /><a href=""></a>
+ <li /><a href="">stix fonts</a>
+ <li />much else...
+{% endblock %}