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* clean up configs directoryficus2012-09-251-3/+3
* prelim new version of torouter_config.shficus2012-09-241-152/+15
* possibly functional image builderficus2012-09-231-15/+15
* add TODOJacob Appelbaum2011-08-271-2/+3
* start arm at boot via cron in a shared screen for torouterJacob Appelbaum2011-08-261-4/+10
* add new packages for networking and dnsJacob Appelbaum2011-08-261-4/+13
* add some other useful packagesJacob Appelbaum2011-08-261-4/+25
* we want to install this directly so that autoclean doesn't kill itJacob Appelbaum2011-08-251-0/+3
* remove minissdpdJacob Appelbaum2011-08-231-1/+1
* remove polipo, reallyJacob Appelbaum2011-08-231-1/+1
* add 0.2.2.x and 0.2.3.xJacob Appelbaum2011-08-231-2/+4
| * We want tor 0.2.2, so use experimentalRuna A. Sandvik2011-08-231-1/+1
* | pin to debian experimental for orport auto and so onJacob Appelbaum2011-08-231-1/+3
* add fstab entriesJacob Appelbaum2011-08-201-0/+3
* add other marvel packageJacob Appelbaum2011-08-191-0/+1
* add 0.2.3.x stuffJacob Appelbaum2011-08-191-0/+3
* copy over sshd configJacob Appelbaum2011-08-191-0/+3
* sync time on first startup and all subsequent startupsJacob Appelbaum2011-08-191-0/+1
* add fixupJacob Appelbaum2011-08-191-1/+1
* fixupJacob Appelbaum2011-08-191-6/+4
* pin apt to stableJacob Appelbaum2011-08-181-0/+1
* add torrouter keyJacob Appelbaum2011-08-181-0/+5
* update torouter_config.sh to copy filesJacob Appelbaum2011-08-181-84/+47
* update package and srcJacob Appelbaum2011-08-171-1/+2
* torouter-prep packageJacob Appelbaum2011-08-051-0/+157