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This is the place where we put all things relating to the Torouter.
+The project home page:
+The project road map:
+Your DreamPlug has arrived in a disabled state - you will need to hack it:
+0) re-flash from inside the OS it shipped with:
+ https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/DebianDreamPlug#Step9:IfyoucannotsuccessfullystarttheUSBdevices
+1) Create a bootable USB disk, attach the JTAG, boot/re-flash, ..., anonymity!
+2) A new thing that is currently undocumented
+To create a Torouter from this repository you'll want to clone it:
+ git clone git://git.torproject.org/torouter.git
+Please see the freedom-maker/README if you wish to create a bootable USB disk.
+You will want a USB disk and the DreamPlug JTAG for reflashing, reinstalling,
+and development related activities.