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* pig: first rev of join-cdx-sha1 scriptBryan Newbold2019-12-222-0/+48
* pig: move count_lines helper to pighelper.pyBryan Newbold2019-12-223-7/+6
* new/additional GWB CDX filter scriptsBryan Newbold2019-10-173-0/+34
* fix tests post-DISTINCTBryan Newbold2018-05-084-25/+25
* pig script to filter GWB CDX by SURT regexesBryan Newbold2018-05-075-0/+86
* improve pig helperBryan Newbold2018-05-071-3/+11
* clean up pig test stuffBryan Newbold2018-03-302-36/+2
* basically working pig testBryan Newbold2018-03-293-8/+24
* progress on pig testsBryan Newbold2018-03-293-2/+98
* import WIP on pig test setupBryan Newbold2018-03-291-0/+35