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tasks: simple kernel upgrade HOWTO
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then run ``sudo nmcli connection down wlan0-ap``, wait a minute, then you
should be given a list of access points to connect to as usual.
+Upgrading the Kernel and u-boot
+The Novena kernel developers (aka, xobs) occasionally publishes updates to the
+linux kernel that shipped with the Novena boards. These updates come in the
+form of apt packges (.deb) in the ```` repository, but they are
+not automatically installed in the ``/boot`` partition of the onboard microSD
+card, so upgrading these packages and rebooting is not sufficient to upgrade
+your board.
+On the other hand, the ``u-boot-novena`` bootloader package *will* install
+itself on ``/boot`` if it is already mounted.
+The following steps will install an updated linux kernel and compiled device
+tree file (.dtb) to the appropriate location. It assumes that ``/boot`` has
+been mounted with the microSD first partition (aka, ``/dev/mmcblk0p1``), and
+that the ```` repository is configured and keys are installed.
+You will also have to change the ``3.19.0-00270-g3d69696`` filename part to the
+version of the kernel that has actually been fetched.
+ sudo apt-get update
+ sudo apt-get install u-boot-novena linux-firmware-image-novena \
+ linux-headers-novena linux-image-novena
+ # Backup the old files
+ sudo cp /boot/zimage /boot/zimage.old
+ sudo cp /boot/novena.dtb /boot/novena.dtb.old
+ # Copy in the new files; vmlinuz is already in zimage format
+ sudo cp /usr/share/linux-novena/vmlinuz-3.19.0-00270-g3d69696.dtb /boot/novena.dtb
+ sudo cp /usr/share/linux-novena/vmlinuz-3.19.0-00270-g3d69696 /boot/zimage
+ # Flush filesystem data to the card
+ sync
+ # Reboot!
+ sudo reboot
Compiling and Installing the Kernel