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This message announces the availability of Scheme Library release
-New in SLIB2a6:
- * structure.scm scaoutp.scm scamacr.scm scainit.scm scaglob.scm
- scaexpp.scm: Added missing copyright notice and terms.
- * rbtest.scm rbtree.scm: removed for lack of copying permissions.
- * root.scm (newton:find-integer-root integer-sqrt newton:find-root
- laguerre:find-root laguerre:find-root): added.
- * scanf.scm (stdio:scan-and-set): removed gratuitous char-downcase
- by changing all (next-format-char) ==> (read-char format-port).
+New in slib2c0:
+ * cltime.scm (decode-universal-time encode-universal-time):
+ corrected for (now working) timezones.
+ * tzfile.scm (tzfile-read tz-index): added to read Linux (sysV ?)
+ timezone files.
+ * byte.scm: added `bytes', arrays of small integers.
+ * record.scm (display write): Records now display and write as
+ #<record-type-name>.
+ * timezone.scm: added. Processes TZ environment variable to
+ timezone information.
+ (tzset): takes optional string or timezone argument and returns
+ the current timezone.
+ (time-zone): creates and returns a timezone from a string filename
+ or TZ spec *without* setting global variables.
+ (daylight? *timezone* tzname): Posix (?) global variables are
+ set but SLIB code doesn't depend on them.
+ * psxtime.scm (time:gmktime time:gtime): added to fill out
+ orthogonal function set. The local time functions (localtime
+ mktime ctime) now all take optional timezone arguments.
+ (time:localtime): cleaned interface to timezone.scm: just calls to
+ tzset and tz:params.
+ * require.scm (*SLIB-VERSION*): Bumped from 2b3 to 2c0.
+ * require.scm (catalog:get): Now loads "homecat" and "usercat"
+ catalogs in HOME and current directories.
+ (catalog/require-version-match?): debugged for dumped executables.
+ ((require #f): resets *catalog*.
+ ((require 'new-catalog)): builds new catalog.
+ * mklibcat.scm: Rewrote to output headers and combine
+ implementation and site specific catalogs into "slibcat".
+ * slib.texi (The Library System): Added chapter. Totally
+ reorganized the Manual.
+ * Template.scm *.init (home-vicinity): added.
+ * require.scm (catalog:try-read): split off from
+ catalog:try-impl-read; useful for reading catalogs from other
+ vicinities.
+ * slib.texi (Database Utilities): Rewrote and expanded
+ command-line parser example.
+Thu Oct 23 23:14:33 1997 Eric Marsden <marsden@salines.cict.fr>
+ * factor.scm (prime:product): added EXACT? test.
+Mon Oct 20 22:18:16 1997 Radey Shouman <shouman@zianet.com>
+ * arraymap.scm (array-index-map!): Added.
+ (array-indexes): implemented with array-index-map!
SLIB is a portable scheme library meant to provide compatibiliy and
utility functions for all standard scheme implementations.
SLIB includes initialization files for Chez, ELK 2.1, GAMBIT,
-MacScheme, MITScheme, scheme->C, Scheme48, T3.1, and VSCM. SCM also
-supports SLIB.
+MacScheme, MITScheme, scheme->C, Scheme48, SCM, scsh, T3.1, and VSCM.
Documentation includes a manifest, installation instructions, and
-coding standards for the library. Documentation on each library
+coding standards for the library. Documentation of each library
package is supplied. SLIB Documentation is online at:
- http://ftp-swiss.ai.mit.edu/~jaffer/SLIB.html
+ http://www-swiss.ai.mit.edu/~jaffer/SLIB.html
SLIB is a portable Scheme library:
- ftp-swiss.ai.mit.edu:pub/scm/slib2a6.tar.gz
- prep.ai.mit.edu:pub/gnu/jacal/slib2a6.tar.gz
- ftp.maths.tcd.ie:pub/bosullvn/jacal/slib2a6.tar.gz
- ftp.cs.indiana.edu:/pub/scheme-repository/imp/slib2a6.tar.gz
+ ftp-swiss.ai.mit.edu:pub/scm/slib2c0.tar.gz
+ prep.ai.mit.edu:pub/gnu/jacal/slib2c0.tar.gz
+ ftp.cs.indiana.edu:/pub/scheme-repository/imp/slib2c0.tar.gz
SLIB-PSD is a portable debugger for Scheme (requires emacs editor):
- ftp.maths.tcd.ie:pub/bosullvn/jacal/slib-psd1-3.tar.gz
-SLIB-SCHELOG is an embedding of Prolog in Scheme:
- ftp-swiss.ai.mit.edu:pub/scm/slib-schelog.tar.gz
- prep.ai.mit.edu:pub/gnu/jacal/slib-schelog.tar.gz
- ftp.maths.tcd.ie:pub/bosullvn/jacal/slib-schelog.tar.gz
- ftp.cs.indiana.edu:/pub/scheme-repository/utl/slib-schelog.tar.gz
+SCHELOG is an embedding of Prolog in Scheme+SLIB:
+ http://www.cs.rice.edu/CS/PLT/packages/schelog/
Programs for printing and viewing TexInfo documentation (which SLIB
has) come with GNU Emacs or can be obtained via ftp from:
@@ -58,13 +87,13 @@ relation to zip). The program to uncompress them is available from
ftp ftp-swiss.ai.mit.edu (anonymous)
cd pub/scm
- get slib2a6.tar.gz
+ get slib2c0.tar.gz
ftp prep.ai.mit.edu (anonymous)
cd pub/gnu/jacal
- get slib2a6.tar.gz
+ get slib2c0.tar.gz
- `slib2a6.tar.gz' is a compressed tar file of a Scheme Library.
+ `slib2c0.tar.gz' is a compressed tar file of a Scheme Library.
Remember to use binary mode when transferring the *.tar.gz files.