path: root/system
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* system: add option to pass extra args to post-build and post-image scriptsYann E. MORIN2013-07-101-5/+21
* system/permissions: make /root group+others non-writableYann E. MORIN2013-06-231-0/+1
* system/skeleton: remove /etc/hostnamePeter Korsgaard2013-06-191-1/+0
* system/device-table: do not set /home/default stgidYann E. MORIN2013-05-301-1/+1
* skeleton: add default login port to /etc/securettyTzu-Jung Lee2013-05-261-0/+8
* system: remove trailing tabs in fileThomas Petazzoni2013-04-291-8/+8
* system/securetty: Add ttyPS[0-1]Soren Brinkmann2013-04-111-0/+2
* Adjust prompt for the post-build scripts optionThomas Petazzoni2013-02-081-1/+1
* Add a post-image script mechanismThomas Petazzoni2013-02-081-0/+18
* target/generic: add filesystem overlay optionArnout Vandecappelle (Essensium/Mind)2013-02-051-0/+11
* system: simplify BR2_ROOTFS_SKELETON_DEFAULT handlingPeter Korsgaard2013-01-061-7/+1
* target: add different methods to encode passwordsYann E. MORIN2013-01-062-1/+56
* system: set root password only for default skeletonYann E. MORIN2013-01-062-21/+23
* system: TARGET_GENERIC_GETTY: allow it to be disabledPeter Korsgaard2013-01-042-0/+4
* target: add option to set the root passwordYann E. MORIN2012-12-302-0/+30
* system: add option to configure TERM variableRichard Braun2012-12-162-2/+9
* skeleton: add /etc/nsswitch.confStephan Hoffmann2012-12-021-0/+17
* Add /var/www to device tableSimon Dawson2012-11-301-0/+1
* dbus: uses fork(), requires MMUThomas Petazzoni2012-11-171-0/+1
* Allow to run severals post build scripts instead of only onePhilippe Reynes2012-11-171-5/+6
* system: fixup default device table locations after system/ got addedPeter Korsgaard2012-11-041-2/+2
* New top-level directory: systemThomas Petazzoni2012-11-0459-0/+1160