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we want to fork the freedom-maker script for the torouter
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+Freedom-Maker - Bdale's building tools for the FreedomBox project
+Install required build packages:
+ apt-get install multistrap qemu-user-static
+To build for a DreamPlug, use
+ sudo ./mk_dreamplug_rootfs
+This will yield a file tree under build/dreamplug, representing the
+contents of a root file system. Get that onto a USB stick with something
+ sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/freedom
+ sudo rsync -atvz --progress build/dreamplug/ /media/freedom/
+ sudo umount /media/freedom
+Move the USB stick to the DreamPlug, and arrange to boot the existing kernel
+from internal microSD pointing to our new root filesystem by interrupting the
+boot to talk to U-Boot:
+ setenv x_bootargs_root root=/dev/sdc1 rootdelay=10
+ saveenv
+ reset
+The system should boot to a login prompt.
+- - - - -
+If you want to set things up to boot from the internal microSD card, once
+you're logged into the system booted from root on USB stick you can use:
+ sh /boot/copy2dream.sh
+- - - - -
+Be aware that this is an imcomplete solution for now .. you will want to at
+least do things like create unique ssh host keys for your device!